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> On 18.12.2008 15:06, Gerald Dachs wrote:
>> Hi Hanno,
>> Quoting Hanno Zulla <a...@hanno.de>:
>>> Hi,
>>> what is the timezone of the "next timer" Unixtime/time_t parameter that
>>> vdr passes to the shutdown-hooks?
>> Not from knowledge but from experience I can say it is localtime. Your
>> vdr-addon-acpiwakeup script works only if localtime is UTC and
>> /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm expects POSIX epoch, so it must be localtime.
>   The command given in the '-s' option will be called with five parameters.
>   The first one is the time (in UTC) of the next timer event or plugin wakeup
>   time (as a time_t type number), ...

I stand corrected. To be honest, I am not sure whether I tested the  
using UTC=no with the vdr. Maybe I started the shutdown hook only by  
hand, making wrong assumptions about the used timezone, sorry.


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