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2008-12-20: Version 1.1.3
- added a missing const in cTcpClient::&operator<<
- fixed wrong type in comparisons to size_t in cFritzListener, cFritzTools
- fixed wrong type in dsyslog output in cNotifyOsd, cLocalFonbuch,
- fixed compiler warning wrt comparison in cNotifyOsd
- updated italian translations (provided by Diego [24])
- implemented reverse lookup function for +31 (Netherlands)
- adapting plugin to new Fritz!Box firmware versions:
  * auto detecting charset encoding when retrieving phonebook entries
  * modified interface language detection (currently using a
trial-and-error approach,
    because old approach is no longer supported by newest firmware)
- splitted plugin into plugin application and three static libraries
  * libfritz++ (included all Fritz!Box specific functionality)
  * libtcpclient++ (providing tcp socket communication)
  * libpthread++ (providing pthread support, independant of VDRs
  With this, it is possible to use these libraries in other projects
not related to VDR.
- all socket communication of the plugin can now be traced into
  If this file exists at VDR startup, tracing is enabled. If not,
tracing is disabled.
  If you experience problems with vdr-fritzbox, this trace may be
helpful in debugging
  the issue. However, please be aware that this trace may contain
password and other
  sensitive information.
- modified logging to syslog. All log entries related to this plugin are now
  prefixed with "vdr-fritzbox:".
- removed memory leak in cMenuSetupFritzbox::Store[MSN|Fonbooks]
- fixed some compiler warnings that occur with recent compiler versions (4.3.x)
- fixed missing includes which prevented compilation with recent
compiler versions (4.3.x)
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