in cPluginRadio::Replaying(), radio.c expects the replayed recording to be
a VDR record. But mp3plugins like mp3, music, muggle use this mechanism for
simple audio files.

So if both plugins are loaded, radio will emit messages like
vdr: [16883] ERROR: /Musik/shout/Bach/Johann Sebastian Bach - Adagio ma non 
tanto.mp3/001.vdr: Ist kein Verzeichnis

Now my question is: Is this mechanism is thought to be used only for
VDR recordings ore more generally - the latter I hope.

A simple solution would be if the radio plugin could check if the
recording is actually a VDR recording. Right now it just calls

              cFileName fn(FileName, false, true);

maybe a VDR core helper function like isVDRRecording would be helpful 
for this.


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