On 23.12.2008 08:56, Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
>> On 22.12.2008 22:48, Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
>>> Klaus, could you clarify if the filename passed to
>>> cStatus:MsgReplaying() is supposed to be a VDR recording only or if it
>>> may be the filename of any kind of media file involved?
>> It's not limited to VDR recordings:
>> class cStatus : public cListObject {
>>   ...
>>   virtual void Replaying(const cControl *Control, const char *Name, const 
>> char *FileName, bool On) {}
>>                // The given player control has started (On = true) or 
>> stopped (On = false) replaying Name.
>>                // Name is the name of the recording, without any directory 
>> path. In case of a player that can't provide
>>                // a name, Name can be a string that identifies the player 
>> type (like, e.g., "DVD").
>>                // The full file name of the recording is given in FileName, 
>> which may be NULL in case there is no
>>                // actual file involved. If On is false, Name may be NULL.
> Thanks for quoting the documentation ;-)
> Nevertheless it's a bit unclear: "full file name of the recording"
> A mp3, divx, vob or whatever media file is not a "recording" as we speak 
> of in the VDR context.

Well, even an mp3, divx or vob must have been "recorded" at some time ;-)

The function's name is "Replaying()", which is what you usually do with
"recordings". Even though this was primarily designed to inform plugins
that VDR is replaying one of its recordings, the "Name" and "FileName"
semantics were defined in a more general way, so that any kind of files
may be reported this way.


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