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> > (I haven't heard of anyone releasing a patch for the BBC HD audio pid 
> > problem yet).
> ...
> This is a fault with the broadcaster, not a problem with VDR. I have
> informed the BBC of the problem and they have acknowledged the issue
> and are going to fix it shortly (they say in the New Year after a
> Christmas period "change freeze" period), so it should just go away.
> Apparently it was due to an upgrade that the BBC applied to their
> encoders. The problem doesn't cause any problems with Sky or Freesat
> boxes so they didn't notice it in testing.
> Must say, I was very impressed with their response and I'm looking
> forward to seeing the fix being implemented.

Yes, I'm not just impressed, I'm surprised. I just thought that as Sky
and Freesat boxes can handle it, it should be possible to work around it
in VDR too, but hopefully that will no longer be necessary in a few

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