Recently I have migrated my home network digital tv solution from 
getstream + mythtv to vdr with streamdev plugin. Since then I have 
problems with my dual tuner DVB-T card (Hauppauge WinTV Nova T-500).

There are two multiplexes available in my area. Using getstream, both 
tuners were tuned permanently to one multiplex each, and both were 
streaming them continously to the network without any problems.

With vdr, the first tuner is tuned to the multiplex providing the 
current channel, and the second one is switched periodicaly among both 
multiplexes (trying to read EIT, I guess). After several hours, the 
second tuner still seems to keep switching, but stops providing any stream.

Using suspendoutput plugin it works better (longer), but after several 
more hours I can still see similiar problem with the first tuner this time.

To get acceptable resultes, I have reverted one of the tuners to 
getstream, tuning it permanently to the multiplex that does not provide 
EIT yet. Now, my vdr has access the channels from this multiplex via 
iptv plugin, using the remainig tuner directly for permanent reception 
of the other multiplex only. This solution works for me without problems 
for several days now, so I think my hardware is still ok.

I can realize that the problem could be related to dvb driver, not vdr 
itself, but maybe there is a better workaround available in vdr. Except 
for simplicity, I would prefere using EIT form both multiplexes when the 
secound one becomes available.

So, is it possible to configure vdr to use the first tuner for one 
multiplex only and the second for the other one?


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