>> Does hvr-4000 tune for you to dvb-s channels if you do not apply the h264
>> patch? That's the case for me. I send previously an email from similar
>> experiences to
>> http://www.mail-archive.com/vdr@linuxtv.org/msg08635.html
> Unfortunately I can't tune either without the h264 patch.

Hmm, the differences in my and your setup are
1) I have also hvr-1300 in my system (for dvb-t)
2) I modified the vdr sources instead of modifying the driver for 
informing the system from the S2 capabilities (klaus explained also that 
method in his 1.7.2 announcements). I can re-test this in another way once 
the 2G_CAP patch is applied to v4l-dvb repository.


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