>> I do not see such a behavior with stb0899 based TT-3200 here.
>> Arte and ArteHD work out of the box with VDR-1.7.2 using this
>> repository:
>>      http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/s2-liplianin
>> Sure, had to add 2g flag in stb0899 source though. Before using
>> this repository it was hardly possible to tune to ArteHD.
> Ok, so one would need to find out what are the real S2API tuning specific
> code in vdr h264 extension patches so that I could find out why vdr fails
> to tune with hvr-4000. Or actually maybe the correct answer is to
> understand what is the difference between those two S2-API drivers.

Ok, I made more tests.
1) s2-liplianin drivers.
  - checked out
  - applied S2 capability patches from v4l-dvb drivers to s2-liplianin
  - compiler and rebooted computer
2) rebuild vdr and streamdev plugin
  - make clean in vdr-git and vdr-git/PLUGINS/src/streamdev directories
  - changed driver path in vdr-git/Make.config
DVBDIR   = /home/lamikr/dvb/drivers/20090103/s2-liplianin/linux
  - copied compiler.h from kernel sources to 
  - make && make plugins
  - launched vdr

--> mplayer and vlc were still unable to show arte or arteHD channels 
until I used szap/szap-s2 first

I am using 64 bit version of Linux in AMD/780G system...


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