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> Please do not always _assume_ that it is actually PAL or NTSC, since
> PAL or NTSC defines colour encoding, but the most of the time the
> usual frame rates are associated with the colour encoding. However
> like I've stated before nvidia on their newer drivers output PAL on
> 60Hz (on the tv-out of the card), not even 59.94006Hz, or 50Hz like
> PAL is supposed to be for interlaced. The older CRT TVs (interlaced
> monitors) expect PAL to run 50Hz. You can confirm this with xvidtune.

I expect you've already checked this, but have you set the "TVStandard"
option in xorg.conf?

Also, it may not be treating the TV as the primary display but locking
the frequency to whatever it thinks is the primary display, and if it's
an LCD, by default the Nvidia driver always outputs the maximum
resolution, scaling the configure resolution to fill it, unless you add:

  Option "FlatPanelProperties" "Scaling = Native"

And xrandr will report refresh rates incorrectly unless you add:

  Option "DynamicTwinView" "false"

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