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> Partly question and partly proposal. Maybe this is not VDR related but
> e.g. xineliboutput etc. related.
> I'm not an expert on satellite systems but I'd assume that there are
> different frame rates in satellite systems available (shall be compared
> to cable and terresterial as well). Instead of doing pull-down/pull-up
> "conversions" it would be nice to playback according to the framerate of
> the material. This should be an option as it is fully dependant on the
> output and display devices whether they support this feature or not.
> The same applies also to mplayer-plugin.
> Would this be possible to implement?

Yes, boxstar does this, but it's a bit limited by its current reliance
on external players. DirectFB players can set the screen mode, while in
X boxstar sets it first with xrandr. Boxstar has to be able to use
mplayer -identify on the stream first to determine the frame rate and it
can't change it midstream. Boxstar can't tell the frame rate of what
vdr-sxfe or whatever is using, so it has to use an option. Luckily most
people receive transmissions all in the same frame rate even if they
watch foreign DVDs or downloaded videos, so boxstar can cope with this.

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