On 08.01.2009 18:50, user.vdr wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 7:06 AM, Klaus Schmidinger
> <klaus.schmidin...@cadsoft.de> wrote:
>>  + The directory name for a recording has been changed from
>>    YYYY-MM-DD-hh[.:]mm.pr.lt.rec (pr=priority, lt=lifetime) to
>>    YYYY-MM-DD-hh.mm.ch-ri.rec (ch=channel, ri=resumeId).
> Is the channel number even necessary information to store in a
> dirname?  I've experienced many times where channels have been
> shuffled (requiring a rescanning & a new channels.conf)
> so channel 100 could be one network today and a different one
> tomorrow.  Maybe a better choice would be using the channel shortname,
> for example:
> YYYY-MM-DD-hh.mm.CNN-ri.rec
> YYYY-MM-DD-hh.mm.BBC-ri.rec

The channel number would be unnecessary, because that information
is stored in the 'info' file. However, it is contained in the
recording's directory name, so that in case two timers of the same VDR
instance record the exact same programme, but on different channels,
they don't mix their data into one big pile of goo (which could have
happenend in VDR 1= 1.7.2). No need to make this a string - it's just
a safety precaution (besides, two channels might have the *same* name,
but never the same number).


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