Hello all,
Not a VDR question, but I'm sure someone can help me here.

I've finally bought a remote control for my HTPC from a company named
SunWave, model SMR-140. Looks like a MCE clone.
It has an USB IR receiver that recognized as keyboard and mouse device (the
remote has a joystick that can be used to move mouse). I can use the remote
without lirc since it operates as keyboard.

Few questions about that:
1. I want to install XBMC in near future so I'll need irexec functionality.
Do I really need lirc for that? Or is there any other option to do it?
2. The remote sends sequence of keys for a single button, for example play
button sends "LEFTCTR", "LEFTSHIFT" and "P". How can I map that sequence to
represent a single button?
3. If someone has that remote (or maybe other remotes with the same strange
behavior). The behavior of stop button is very strange. It sends "back" or
"forward" or "homepage" or "bookmark" depending on what "Sx" button was
pressed before. Pressing stop again gives no input at all untill I'll press
a "Sx" button. Is there any trick to make it work in more expected way?

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