On Saturday 10 of January 2009, Josce wrote:
> I am currently using vdr-1.6.0 with reelbox plugin and would like to
> test the new vdr-1.7.3. I have Checked out revision 10331 from reelbox.org.
> Since I am having trouble getting the reelbox plugin to compile with
> vdr-1.7.3 I thought I'd check first before continuing:
> - Does the reelbox plugin work with vdr-1.7.3?
> (does vdr's switching to TS make the current plugin unusable?)
> - Is there a patch already for vdr-1.7.3 to make it compile with the
> reelbox plugin? ( I have tested some patches for vdr-1.7.0, but the ones I
> have tested fail )
> Regards,
> Josce


yersterday I've tried to test it but first problem was S2API drivers - drivers 
from last versions are unusable for me (kernel 2.6.26, amd64 arch., 
HVR-4000). I was getting Oops, /dev/dvb was not populated and so on. Totally 
unusable drivers for my configuration.

Then I used S2API from 23.11.2008 - it is necessary to patch this version reg. 
Klaus need.

I've made some patch for reelbox plugin, but I was not able to get sound as 
well as from eHD as from PC soundcard.

It seemed to be that the switching between channels is 2-3 times longer (maybe 
as syncearly from R.Nissl is not implemented?).

So now I'm back at vdr-1.7.0 and last multiproto from Igor.



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