Op Za, 10 januari, 2009 15:04, schreef Ales Jurik:
> On Saturday 10 of January 2009, Josce wrote:
> Hi,
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> I've made some patch for reelbox plugin, but I was not able to get sound
> as
> well as from eHD as from PC soundcard.

Same here. I just tried it, and the eHD does indeed give no sound. I
allready posted it in the Reel forum. Hopefully a fix will popup some day.

> It seemed to be that the switching between channels is 2-3 times longer
> (maybe
> as syncearly from R.Nissl is not implemented?).

I didn't encounter longer zapping times. But then again, I didn't look for
it especially.

> So now I'm back at vdr-1.7.0 and last multiproto from Igor.

Same here. I'm back to 1.7.0 until the sound-problem has been fixed :)

> BR,
> Ales


Niels Wagenaar

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