On 11.01.2009 19:26, Udo Richter wrote:
> On 11.01.2009 18:05, Joachim Wilke wrote:
>> 2009/1/11 Lauri Tischler<l...@iki.fi>:
>>> Plse dont change it, now when searching for 'plugin' something sometimes
>>> comes up also from german sources, if the term is changed to 'erweiterung'
>>> all german sources will become essentially black holes.
>> If this is your argument, why are applications translated at all? It
>> would be much easier to have, as an example, only one kind of error
>> message for each error to look for.
> hmmm. <dreams of support search heaven....>
> <....>
> <.... dreams of keyboards with Ctrl keys....>
> <....>

And the funny thing are conversations like this (traslated into English):

Support: "Press the Control key."
   User: "There is no Control key on my keyboard."
Support: "Oh, of course, you have a German keyboard - it's the 'Steuerung' key 
   User: "I don't see a 'Steuerung' key here."
Support: "It's the one labeled 'Strg'."
   User: "Ah, you mean the 'String' key!"

I'd say we leave it with "Plugin" ;-)


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