Hi, folks.

My current vdr is instaled over "normal" ubuntu desktop since forever.
Now I want to try something similar starting with ubuntu server and
reducing installed packages to the minimum.

I found a similar ideia at this link:

Now for the questions:

- Anyone with similar approach?
- What is the minimum xorg needed?
- Recommended settings?

The ideia is to have a lightweight system installed on a usb pen
(almost all files are read only, so no problem) and add one or more
HDD drives to perform the recording. Those drivers will only work when
a recording is scheduled. Thus reducing noise to the minimum.
Currently I have almost no dB coming from my vdr box, except for the

I need to take in account other applications xorg needs. Like xine,
mplyer, whatever.

I really want to end up with a minimal/no noise fully working system.


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