Andrey Kuzmin a écrit :
>> I usually start by installing the latest version of ubuntu on one
>> computer and then duplicate that directory  for every client.
> Completely   diskless   clients   booting  through  PXE or iSCSI  from
> single image or from dedicated images from server are also worth  to  try.
> This work fast on gigabit networks with dedicated network cards on server
> per client. Haven't tried this with VDR yet, planning in future.

100Mbps EPIA EK8000 server here, with 2 diskless/deviceless clients. 
According to Munin, during a typical week :
* peak disk IO : 2k blocks read per second, 2k blocks written per second
* peak eth0 traffic : 10Mbps to the server, 15Mbps from the server
* 2% CPU due to the VDR server process
* 8% peak CPU due to DVB + eth devices during recordings or live-view
* 80MB memory for all userland apps (VDR + Samba + DNS + MPD, etc. etc.)


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