Hello all,

Please help me with remote control configuration since I'm breaking my head
on a wall for more than a week already. RC is the only thing at the moment
that stops me using the VDR as my main TV source.

I've bought a nifty (and cheap) remote and a nice USB receiver. Looks like a
clone of MCE remote. It has a small joystick to control the mouse.
The USB receiver pass keyboard and mouse events to the system, so I can use
it instead of my keyboard without any LIRC configuration.
BUT, I do want to use LIRC since I want to bound one of the buttons for
other tasks (such as switching to XBMC or running vdr-sxfe to pass sound to
my sound system instead of the TV).

irw works ok.
I've set /etc/lircrc to pass the commands to vdr-sxfe and ircat shows them
I've added some commands such as LIRC.Volume+ and LIRC.Volume- manually to
remotes.conf, but it doesn't really help.

I can run vdr-sxfe with --lirc and see that it receives the codes direcly
without my lircrc configuration, but it will miss many features since some
of the RC buttins send sequnce of keys, which can be catched using lircrc
Without specifying --lirc, vdr-sxfe seems to receive the keyboard commands
instead the commands from LIRC.

Can anyone help me please?

People who have the original MCE remote, does your IR receiver also pass
keyboard commands to the system?
I saw that as soon as there is a connection to lircd (such as with irw or
ircat) the keyboard events are not passed the system any more and that's
good, but vdr-sxfe doesn't connect unless I'll use the --lirc switch.

I'm stuck with that.

Any help will be appreciated.
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