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schrieb Alex Betis <>:

> On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 10:28 PM, Gerald Dachs <>
> wrote:
> > > Do you start vdr with --lirc option? If you use --lirc for
> > > vdr-sxfe you should give --lirc to vdr (at least I don't).
> >
> > No, that will not work. If you give both vdr and vdr-sxfe the option
> > --lirc you will get every action twice.  I use the option --lirc
> > with vdr-sxfe and the option --lirc=/dev/null with vdr, so that I
> > can use lirc with xbmc after I have stopped vdr-sxfe without
> > stopping vdr.
> That's about that I've tried to do.
> How do you stop the vdr-sxfe? Assign a RC button to ESC?
No, I kill it from a script

> How about the repetition setting in vdr-sxfe
I don't know what this is

> if you're not using the
> lircrc?
I use lircrc, but only for starting the script that kills vdr-sxfe
and starts xbmc and vice versa.

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