Hi Gerald,

Gerald Dachs schrieb:
> [...] The biggest problem is that if I switch
> channels it happens that the video starts to flicker. You can see that
> between the pictures of the current channel the pictures of the previous
> channel appear. Restarting vdr-sxfe fixes it till the next channel
> switch. In the beginning of my test this happened seldom, but now it
> happens with every channel switch, the problem is that I have no idea
> what configuration change I have done that is to blame.
> Does anyone have an idea what I can try next, or should I simply wait
> for a better version of the xine-lib for vdpau.
I read something similar on the MythTV mailinglist.
>From http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/366684:
> In the end I believe it was accidental code bugs when he was porting the
> automatic letterboxing patch over to work with VDPAU that caused
> him to end up with his OSD ghosted over every image displayed via VDPAU. 


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