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> schrieb Tony Houghton <h...@realh.co.uk>:
> > What graphics card/chip have you got? AFAIK xvmc/xxmc only works on
> > NVidias up to 7x00 and VDPAU is for 8x00 and newer. If your CPU usage
> > dropped significantly with VDPAU it sounds like you didn't actually
> > have xxmc working, just plain xv.
> I have an onboard Geforce 8200. CPU usage with xv was 27%, with xxmc
> 22% and with vdpau 7% max. You could be right that xxmc is in reality xv,
> because the usage is not very constant, so it could be the same CPU
> usage. Anyway, before I could use xv without this hick ups.

I'm fairly sure xvmc (which xxmc is based on) isn't supported on Nvidia
8x00 and newer. 20-30% CPU usage isn't much problem, so as you aren't
receiving HD anyway I'd stick with stable drivers, ffmpeg and xine etc
until VDPAU is known to be stable.

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