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> On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 3:44 PM, Ville Aakko <ville.aa...@gmail.com>wrote:
>> If I understood the issue correctly, Alex (the OP) has problems
>> because the USB receiver gives BOTH kb events and makes a lirc device,
>> and the KB events are not wanted and cause problems.  I'd look in
>> /dev/input to see which event device is the one for the KB side of the
>> receiver and disable it; perhaps via Xorg.conf (I'd assume this is
>> somehow possible). That would be a general solution for all software,
>> including those that don't have an option for disabling keyboaard.But,
>> as already stated by Jukka, vdr-sxfe already has one... but then maybe
>> we didnt understand the issue correctly =)
> Thanks all for the replies.
> I'll try both --nokbd and spcifying which input should be used for keyboard
> in xorg.conf as soon as I'll get home.
> To sum the replies, looks like I have to use --lirc option for vdr-sxfe and
> --lirc=/dev/null with vdr.
> 2 more issue I still have to resolve:
> - repetition problem for the keys, pressing "1" might produce "111". Will
> probably have to play with some options in lircd.conf.
> - Key sequences configuration, play button is mapped to something like
> "CTRL, SHIFT, P", how do I configure vdr-sxfe to understand the whole
> sequence as a single button?

Ok, found my mistake.
remote.conf has to include the same button names as they appear in
lircd.conf and vdr has to be restarted when remote.conf is changed, I
thought restarting vdr-sxfe should be enough since its the application that
connects to lirc after all.

By the way, --nokbd to vdr-sxfe doesn't really ignore keyboard input for me.
Changing xorg.conf doesn't help as well, input from remote still act as a
keyboard input. But that stops as soon as there is a connection to licrd
(vdr-sxfe connects).

The only thing left now is dealing with keyboard sequences since many major
buttons on my RC sends sequences for every press (color buttons, stop, play,
FW, RW, menu...).

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