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Thomas Hilber <v...@toh.cx> wrote:

> Maybe some day FrameRateControl will allow for a pure open source HDTV 
> solution. Running with adequate picture quality on moderately powered
> CPUs.

Yes, hopefully one day Intel will have a fully operational VA or
something, including MPEG 4, and include HDMI or DVI on the motherboard
instead of having an adaptor taking up a valuable PCI-e slot.

I wouldn't consider FrameRateControl absolutely vital, playback of live
TV is smooth enough without it IME, but ironically libxine seems better
at playing live TV than VDR recordings which always seem to me to suffer
more frame jumps, loss of AV sync and pops in the sound than live TV.

When playing back recordings it doesn't matter if the video output frame
rate isn't quite right, you can avoid dropping or repeating frames by
resampling the audio if sync starts to drift - this appears to be an
option in xine's config, but it doesn't seem to work correctly on
recordings for me.

I already sometimes use resampling in mplayer to watch 24fps videos
smoothly at 25fps and the sound quality is still subjectively OK -
certainly less intrusive in the overall "experience" than jumping video

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