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> On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 06:02:23AM +0100, Thomas Hilber wrote:
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> > It seems German related sites show more interest in VGA2SCART things. So
> > I did not spend further time to translate all things I developed for 
> > VGA2SCART into english. Sorry for that;-)
> > 
> I think there's demand for this functionality all over the world :) not just
> in germany. 
> I think someone should step ahead and help with the english docs..
> unfortunately I can't do that atm, too busy with other things..

It is excellent, but I can't help thinking it's come a bit too late.
CRTs and SCART are being replaced by LCD and HDMI, and given an
interlaced picture, an LCD has to deinterlace it rather than take
advantage of phosphor decay. In theory a decoder such as VDPAU can
deinterlace better than the TV because it has access to extra info such
as motion vectors in the MPEG.

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