On 28.01.2009 21:51, Matthias Dahl wrote:
> Hi.
> On Wednesday 28 January 2009 17:45:49 Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> When I tune to that transponder, I only get
> Please try...
>       ITV HD;BSkyB:11427:hC23M2O0S0:S28.2E:27500:3401=2:3402:0:0:10510:0:0:0
> Works fine here. You will get a test picture.
>> Maybe all it would take is to add 0x0B to the switch in
>> cPatFilter::Process(), as in:
> Nope vdr changes the correct channel data to:

I doubt that '2' is the "correct" video stream type, because even if I
disable the automatic channel update and use the above channel data,
VDR can't find any frame borders in that stream.

> ITVHD;BSkyB:11427:hC23M2O0S0:S28.2E:27500:3404+3401=11:0;3402=eng:0:0:10510:0:0:0
> Without adding 0x0B it's being changed to:
> ITV HD;BSkyB:11427:hC23M2O0S0:S28.2E:27500:0:0;3402=eng:0:0:10510:0:0:0

The video stream is announced as 0x0B, which, as far as I have seen in some
Google searches, means H.222. So instead of "clamping" the video type to
2 (i.e. MPEG2) it would be better to find out what exactly H.222 is and how
to handle it in cPatFilter::Process(), cFrameDetector::Analyze() and
cPatPmtParser::ParsePmt(). Otherwise, while you may even get a picture
in live mode, VDR won't be able to record anything.

I'll have to leave this to somebody with more knowledge about H.222, though...


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