On 01.02.2009 09:52, Vesa wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Why can't the eHD plugin just deliver a correct STC?
>> It doesn't even have to be a "real" STC - the PTS of the most
>> recently presented frame would do just fine.
> I do not know. My comment has based on only observation and 
> reelbox-plugin use. I can assume that some part of issue is buffering 
> start, system needs some time to fill buffer with data and before that 
> you can not get real delay value.
> One item for these "long buffer" output devices is fast forward and 
> rewind. It is quit difficult to skip commersials or find start of the 
> program with 6s delay on video path. When user see video and press play, 
> VDR is delay*speed over that spot. Vdr should compensate this and jump 
> where user thinks to be on video.

Efforts should go into making the devices provide the actual PTS of
the most recently presented frame - anything else is just trying to cure
symptoms and not a real solution.


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