I am trying to stream from VDR to my Mediagate 800 Network Media Player
using the Streamdev Server plugin.


The MG 800 successfully plays streamed content from the internet, but
has problems with a stream from the streamdev server. 


The URL I am using from the player is identical to one that mplayer can
play, e.g. ''.


When streamdev receives this it switches to the channel (the dish moves
if I am currently viewing a channel from a different satellite), however
the media player immediately indicates that it cannot play the stream,
and streamdev simultaneously closes the connection.


I have applied the patpmt_first_v5.diff patch prepared to fix a similar
problem with the Popcornhour NMT which is a similar device to the MG
800, but to no avail.


Going by messages in syslog I believe that the problem is somewhere in
the negotiation between the MG 800 and the streamdev server which breaks
down before the server starts the streamer, but this is conjecture atm.


Because the MG 800 is effectively a black box I am going to have to
attack this from the VDR/Streamdev end. What additional trace can I get
out of streamdev (and how) that will help get to the bottom of this.


All help appreciated.



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