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I demand that Timothy D. Lenz may or may not have written...

> First, I don't know why, but everyone of your post comes through as a text
> attachment which has to be saved out to be read. Others on the list come
> through normal.

They look fine here. However, I notice that they're GPG-signed and have a
structure as follows:


This last text/plain section is added by the list software; it's presumably
also that which adds the containing multipart/mixed and moves the
Content-Type header for the multipart/signed section out of the message
headers into a MIME headers section in the message body.

This is signed by way of experiment; as sent, it has multipart/signed in the
message headers. If you see the same with this message, you have buggy mail
software (but seeing that it's MICROS~1 Lookout Express, that's not really

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