Hello all,

I don't know whether xineliboutout developers read this list, if not, could
someone pass the following to them somehow?

Here are few points for improvements in xineliboutput:
- Buffers problem on startup
- There is no way to rewind a media file to start from the beginning (I
would suggest a color button to do it when list of files is shown)
- I would like to be able redefine the remote control keys, for example, in
file playback both right and FWD buttons increase speed of the playback and
both left and REW decrease the speed of playback. I would like to reassign
one of those pairs to rewind and skip, the same as green and yellow buttons
do it today. Or at least set replay and skip buttons do the same.
- Trying to show images larger than current screen resolution crash the
vdr-sxfe. I would expect automatic resize of the image.
- Media files with file names in right-to-left language (hebrew for example)
are shown in reverse. Nautilus shows them correctly somehow, so I believe
its possible to get codepage of the UTF name and show it in correct

That's all for now.

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