On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 09:44:12AM +0100, Rob Davis wrote:
> How do you use this from the internet?  I have got it working (via 
> Gentoo) on my lan, but I wan't to use it with the extern function of 
> streamdev using my dynamic dns name.  I have opened the port but it 
> keeps asking for the username and password (which work at home).
> I can't work out what config options I might need to set.

While you are on your local network go to the live plugins web interface.

Select "Setup" from the top menue"

Activate "Use Authentication". Now you should see three more input 
fields. Two to change your login credentials and one to set a "Local 
net" from which no login will be required.

I strongly recommend that you use the login. Otherwise everybody from the
internet can access your vdr. (And problably 0wn your whole network. As I 
understand it the vdr code has hardly been audited for security and due
to the plugin architecture a buffer overflow in one plugin would compromises 
the vdr process that (depending on your setup) may even run as root).

If you insist on getting hacked you can set the "Local net" to something
This would disable the password question, no matter where you come from.


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