Heinrich Langos ha scritto:
> While you are on your local network go to the live plugins web interface.
> Select "Setup" from the top menue"
> Activate "Use Authentication". Now you should see three more input 
> fields. Two to change your login credentials and one to set a "Local 
> net" from which no login will be required.
> I strongly recommend that you use the login. Otherwise everybody from the
> internet can access your vdr. (And problably 0wn your whole network. As I 
> understand it the vdr code has hardly been audited for security and due
> to the plugin architecture a buffer overflow in one plugin would compromises 
> the vdr process that (depending on your setup) may even run as root).
> If you insist on getting hacked you can set the "Local net" to something
> like
> This would disable the password question, no matter where you come from.
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Thanks Henrick,

On further investigation I have sorted it out.  In my firewall I'd 
mistyped the portforward, so it was arriving at vdradmin instead, which 
uses a different password.

I have it working. However, for the next version, is there a way to 
select two different streamdev profiles quickly.  When I am home I would 
like to select streamdev TS, but when away extern?

Also, is there a way to allow a change of language in the vlc plugin, or 
a way to serve up a file with the url in, for instance stream.m3u with 
the url in it like a playlist, a bit like a dreambox.  This would allow 
the vlc interface to select language etc.

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