currently watching HDTV channels using a VDR frontend (streamdev and
xineliboutput - current CVS builds) is impossible for me.

Watching the recordings (00001.ts) using xine (with VDPAU) works like a charm.

I am wondering if there could be a bug in how VDR is presenting the TS data to
the frontends.

I have just a corrupt video and audio using both plugins. I have also glitches
in MPEG2 streams some times, which do not occour when watching the .ts recording

Can somebody validate this?

Thanks, Artem

PS: I saw similar problems while testing the multicast output of streamdev. The
STBs I have used for playback did not liked 1500 bytes large packets which
streamdev had send out (Xine had no problems in playing them back). When
streamdev was changed to send 1316 (7*188) bytes packets the problem was solved
for the STBs. Maybe there is something similar with VDR 1.7.4?

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