For what its worth, and its not worth much.  I was watching live TV using
Mplayer (on a Nintendo Wii) to streamdev on 1.7.4.  the PES
(http://xxx:3000/PES/1) stream worked quite well, whereas the TS stream
only worked for a few seconds and then crashed.  It was not corrupt though
and the problem is no doubt due to the Mplayer port.


On Sun, 5 Apr 2009 10:26:05 +0200, Artem Makhutov <>
> Hello,
> currently watching HDTV channels using a VDR frontend (streamdev and
> xineliboutput - current CVS builds) is impossible for me.
> Watching the recordings (00001.ts) using xine (with VDPAU) works like a
> charm.
> I am wondering if there could be a bug in how VDR is presenting the TS
> to
> the frontends.
> I have just a corrupt video and audio using both plugins. I have also
> glitches
> in MPEG2 streams some times, which do not occour when watching the .ts
> recording
> directly.
> Can somebody validate this?
> Thanks, Artem
> PS: I saw similar problems while testing the multicast output of
> The
> STBs I have used for playback did not liked 1500 bytes large packets
> streamdev had send out (Xine had no problems in playing them back). When
> streamdev was changed to send 1316 (7*188) bytes packets the problem was
> solved
> for the STBs. Maybe there is something similar with VDR 1.7.4?
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