Hi all!

is there any way to let vdr ignore any directories which do not belong 
to it ?

What i have seen is that vdr is recursive checking all directories even 
on second and third video directory.

If the logic is that all needs to be in video.0 directory and its 
subdirectories and symlinks will be required to let vdr find the 
recordings, it should not check the other video directories.

Background: I accidently remounted /proc vdr readable in video.01 
directory for doing some chroot. The result is that i lost 3 recordings. 
The log has grown to a few GB in no time and vdr made the system be 
occupied by that job. Those i think it should be enough to scan video.00 
and the symlinks therein or check for some .vdrignore file before 
traversion. The first solution should also speedup re-reading recordings.

Hope i did not missed a change in behaviour in newer vdr versions as i 
am still using 1.4.7

Think there might be others as well that are using the big disks for 
other space consuming things - nobody else run into this ?

Thanks and kind regards


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