On Montag, 13. April 2009, Steffen Barszus wrote:
> Hi all!


> is there any way to let vdr ignore any directories which do not belong
> to it ?
> What i have seen is that vdr is recursive checking all directories even
> on second and third video directory.
> If the logic is that all needs to be in video.0 directory and its
> subdirectories and symlinks will be required to let vdr find the
> recordings, it should not check the other video directories.
[deleted some text that did not made sense to me]
> Think there might be others as well that are using the big disks for
> other space consuming things - nobody else run into this ?

I don't understand why people do put other stuff into vdr video directories?
If I want to have video directory and a directory containing iso images why 
not do

mkdir video
mkdir iso

and put the stuff there?
Still I support the opinion that vdr should not silently delete files it does 
not know.


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