Thanks for the tv script tidbit! However that wont help if vdr backend restarts 
while xine frontend is active.

My mplayer works just fine with softdevice, but not with vdr-xine: I get no 
video (but audio is fine). Maybe I have to run vdr backend inside X session as 

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On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 12:56 AM, Peter <> wrote:
> I have a bit of a problem running xine frontend – it will not reconnect if
> vdr backend restarts. Also, my vdr can take 10-15secs just to start up, and
> xine frontend will bail out during that time, too. Since frontend is being
> run on unattended TV box (read: no keyboard) it is cumbersome to restart
> xine every time this happens.

In my tv script I do this before starting xine:
until [ -e "/tmp/vdr-xine/stream" ]; do sleep 1; done

This waits until vdr-xine has started before loading xine itself and
resolves the problem of delayed startups.

> Second problem: xine does not work with vdr mplayer plugin (mplayer cannot
> access X, hence no video). Are there any alternatives?

I'm using VDR-1.7.6 with xine-0.9.1 and the mplayer plugin just fine.
Maybe you're missing the required

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