I use xineliboutput, permanently on my vdr, with xvmc enabled on my old
nvidia 440 MX card. however only on SD mpeg2 broadcasts. It does provide
some multimedia playback on other formats, which is useful. Normal vdr
recordings are a bit of a pain, since fast forwarded/rewind doesn't work as
you would expect with softdevice. If my vdr loses signal for a minute, I
have to restart VDR, perhaps I should just try restarting xineliboutput. It
is good enough for what I use. I didn't see any support for a vdr menu to
play back other multi media content in vdr-xine, so there for never used it.

On 29/04/2009, Jan Ekholm <jan.ekh...@smultron.net> wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 April 2009, Lauri Tischler wrote:
> > Has anybody made some kind of pros and cons analysis between
> > vdr-xine and xineliboutput.
> > Which is better or are they just different ?
> I've tried to set up *something* that would give me a picture on X11, the
> old
> Hauppauge cards only have s-video outputs and, well, today with HDMI and
> FullHD projectors that just doesn't cut it anymore.
> I compiled and installed xineliboutput-1.0.4 and it was really trivial to
> get
> going. I use http streaming to a Phonon/Xine based Qt client on the same
> system and stuff kind of works. Half the channels never give any picture
> even
> though they tune just fine on VDR and normal s-video watching shows them
> just
> fine. Also the OSD isn't working making normal VDR use a hassle and I'm
> forced
> to switch the the s-video side to see EPG, timers etc.
> Perhaps the supplied vdr-sxfe (or something like that) binaries work
> better,
> but from my initial tests that client didn't show most channels either.
> So xineliboutput can't be what budget card people use, so I guess it's time
> to
> test vdr-xine. My initial gut feeling is that VDR isn't meant for X11
> output
> at all, and it just happens to be possible to kludge it somehow.
> I'd be extremely happy to be larted into submission so that I see a light
> though. :)
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