I keep seeing mention of people using computer monitors and that VDR
should be designed to accommodate their aspect ratios.  I'd like to
point out that plenty of users don't use VDR with a computer monitor
at all.  Like many others, I have an hdtv (60" in my case) and would
love to have an osd that 1920x1080 always, regardless of the content
I'm watching.  Why?  Because my tv can handle it so why not?  My main
VDR box is in my living room, tucked away behind my tv with no
keyboard, no mouse, no monitor, no anything.  I do have a test box
connected to a 19" monitor but certainly our primary VDR use is on a
real tv so that's where our main concern/interests are.

I'm not sure what the best way to deal with this situation is but I
strongly urge patience and proper design so nothing is force while
looking ok for some people but like crap for others.  Not everyone
uses computer monitors for their output device, and not everyone uses
a tv (of whatever size/aspect ratio).  Surely there's a sane &
reasonable solution that works for *.  Maybe some user settings are
required so people can tweak the osd to look good with their specific
display type?

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