2009/5/4 Nicolas Huillard <nico...@huillard.net>:
> Matthias Becker a écrit :
>> Did you get the point? It's somehow difficult to describe this topic for me.
> With today's pixel-displays, we'd like to avoid all scaling, stretching,
> etc. done by the panel itself. ie. like Rolf said, always output from
> the computer at panel resolution, with 1:1 pixel mapping.
> Video would be scaled, but not the OSD.

Who is "we", at least my (and most other TV I have seen) rescale 16:9
(anamorphic) material to display it with the right aspect. This
results in a wrong display of the OSD. This should be fixed. An
ordinary user will not understand, why the OSD looks sometimes normal
and sometimes "broad" (stretched).

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