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On Thu, 14 May 2009 18:02:22 +0100, scott wrote
> I have on the streamdev server, the behaviour to "Offer Suspend" and
> "Client may suspend" to "yes", I was hoping that with this setup I would
> get "last one wins, except for recordings which always win". Is there
> something wrong with my setup? I have no patches applied. xineliboutput
> v1.0.4.

Your client VDR keeps begging for channel "STREAM-0" as the server's DVB card
is obviously tuned to an other transponder and due to "Offer Suspend" the
client is not allowed to tune to a different one.

This however doesn't explain why live view on the server gets interrupted.
Please send me a mail off-list if you're interested in debugging this.

Have you tried "Always Suspended"? That should be closer to "last one wins".
I'd expect a transponder change on the client to switch live view on the
server, too. Changing transponder on the server, I'd expect that the picture
on the client freezes.

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