On Tue, 19 May 2009 19:45:30 +0100, scott wrote
> It does however switch channel when the second instance of vdr is started
> even though the second instance has no client connected.

VDR insists on tuning a channel when started. So that's how it's supposed to
be. Just keep the second instance running all of the time.

> After it has switched channel I am only able to zap to channels on the
> same transponder until I kill the second instance of vdr.

For some (historical?) reasons VTP uses priority 1 to attach its receiver. The
other client most likely uses priority 0, so it is not allowed to switch
channels. Please change the following line in streamdev's 

 m_LiveStreamer = new cStreamdevLiveStreamer(1);


 m_LiveStreamer = new cStreamdevLiveStreamer(0);

> I notice that this error is reported:
> vdr: [23426] ERROR: device 10 reported an invalid number (0) of supported
> delivery systems - assuming 1
> Is that significant?

No, that's ok. The assumed value 1 is fine. Should be fixed though to get rid
of the message. 


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