In a setup with multiple vdr instances sharing the same dvb tuners it's 
practical to keep one as a master that upgrades channels.conf 
automatically and the other instances get periodically a new copy of the 
channels configuration. That allows manual editing of channels in the 
master vdr and running plugins like autosort there.

I'm now killing my secondary vdr instances while the channels are copied 
by a cron job every night. It would be more practical for remote 
vdr-sxfe clients to keep vdr processes running to avoid loosing the 
streaming connection. Is it possible to signal somehow vdr to reread 
it's entire channels.conf when it has been changed externally? By SVDRP?


PS. It would be nice if multiple displays with shared server related 
architecture improvements were on Klaus'  hidden roadmap  ;^) At the 
moment when running several vdrs there is a mess with channels 
synchronization, live tv pausing, live & recording dvb subtitles, 
generally problems due to pay-tv watching (CAID as zero) by preventing 
allowing pid updates on secondary clients, etc.

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