Gerald Dachs wrote:
>> I'm now killing my secondary vdr instances while the channels are copied
>> by a cron job every night. It would be more practical for remote
>> vdr-sxfe clients to keep vdr processes running to avoid loosing the
>> streaming connection. Is it possible to signal somehow vdr to reread
>> it's entire channels.conf when it has been changed externally? By SVDRP?
> It sounds as if you are looking for the epgsync plugin. 
I do get EPG trough streamdev but some other things are broken
> You can find it
> here
It says "Imports the EPG of an other VDR. It is implemented as a 
separate thread and you can select either a quick but resource consuming 
or a slow operation mode. The later allows you to share the SVDRP 
connection with other local plugins, so you can e.g. still use the 
remoteosd plugin while syncing.

Since epgsync-0.0.3 it is possible to limit the import to a specific 
channel type (DVB-C/S/T, analog) and to lookup channels by name instead 
of ID. You could e.g. copy the EPG of DVB channels to their analog 

Does it synchronize channels too?


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