>From what I observe vdr is waiting to grap the epg content of a 
timed recording until this recording starts. There are a bunch of channels
where this leads to unwelcome side effects:

- Take a channel that is using place holder events in the "now" section
of epg during commerical breaks between two events.
- Take a channel that is broadcasting only one status signal, timed
to the ending of each event. So you have the whole comerical break
recorded as well.

Vdr will start the recording with the status signal - this one bumps right into 
beginning of the placeholder event. Thus the epg data vdr grabs is from the 
event, thus it is empty.

I know it is the broadcasters fault, not vdr - I assume broadcasters using 
digital vps
should *never* switch now/next epg events before the next event is indeed 
They sure can use place holder events between two scheduled events, but if they 
to do so, they should wait switching now/next event until the next event starts.

If my broadcaster only could stick to this rule of thumb, there couldn't be a 
problem, sadly he
never does.

What can I do?

I'd like vdr to wait a few minutes until he grabs epg data - or vdr could grab 
the epg data right
away when I add the timer. Both ways sould be working.

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