On 11/06/2009, VDR User <user....@gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't know if this will help you any but I use xine-vdpau for both
>  sdtv & hdtv.  I haven't changed anything in .xine/config so the buffer
>  settings and so on are whatever they are as default.  My box runs
>  debian with vdr-1.7.7 and xine-0.9.2 in case that matters.  Currently
>  using xine-vdpau r266 released earlier today and nvidia driver
>  185.18.14 with an 8400GS (with spdif connected to it).  I don't think
>  it matters but I'm outputting to a tv using dvi->hdmi cable.
>  I start xine with:
>  xine -A alsa -V vdpau --post vdr_video --post vdr_audio
>  vdr://tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes --verbose=2 --fullscreen
>  --no-gui --no-mouse --deinterlace --no-logo --no-splash

I was thinking of acquiring an Asus Nvidia 9400GT card that should be
able to do h264 and vc-1. Is the deinterlacer not done by the
hardware/vdpau driver yet? Or should I rather wait a little bit more?

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