On Mon, 15 Jun 2009 18:20:20 +0300, Pertti Kosunen
<pertti.kosu...@pp.nic.fi> wrote:
> scott wrote:
>> With live TV on SD material (e.g. BBC News), I get a lot of dropped
>> frames
>> (
>> around 5 %) (HD is worse, around 20%):
> Same here. What xine-lib-1.2 hg revision works with
> xine-lib-1.2-vdpau-r262?

Sorry, don't know about 1.2, I'm using 1.1.  If you are refering to the 1.2
vdpau patches
from http://www.jusst.de/vdpau/files/xine-lib-1.2/ then I believe the r???
number refers 
to the subversion version number of xine-vdpau from
svn://jusst.de/xine-vdpau.  In other
words, the patch takes the xine-lib 1.1 vdpau code and moves it to 1.2. 
Please correct
me if I'm wrong.


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