On 06/15/09 21:35, jlacvdr wrote:
> oups...bad analysis : the PMT display in ParsePmt() is not the PMT
> received from the dvb stream but a PMT regenerated by vdr and sent to
> receiver.
> The true DVB on air PAT is parse in pat.c
> When we analyse this PAT (in pat.c), a STREAMTYPE_13818_PES_PRIVATE is
> present. this is the audio stream, but with a descriptorID = 0x7a =
> E-AC3 : EnhancedAC3DescriptorTag.
> in pat.c the case EnhancedAC3DescriptorTag is missing, so vdr ignore
> this pid, that why we don't have this pid tranfers to receivers.
> Klaus can you add the support of E-AC3 to vdr ? Thanks,
> pat.c
>                             case SI::AC3DescriptorTag:
> +                            case SI::EnhancedAC3DescriptorTag:
>                                  dpid = stream.getPid();

Have you verified that this actually works for replay?
I'm asking because cPatPmtGenerator::GeneratePmt() would still encode
it as SI::AC3DescriptorTag. I'd be glad if this works, because that
would save me from dragging this info through the entire channel setup ;-)

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