Hi Rob,

On Tue, 04 Aug 2009 16:15:44 -0500, Rob Davis wrote
> I have just got a pvr500 working with pvrinput and vdr.  However, 
> streamdev doesn't seem to work with this card.  Is this just my 
> system or am I unlikely to get it working?

The TS stream produced by pvrinput has no PAT/PMT tables and doesn't provide a
PCR. TS streaming with streamdev-0.3.4 didn't work due to the missing PAT/PMT
tables, as streamdev solely relied on PAT/PMT when in TS mode. This has been
fixed. Take a current CVS version or use a snapshot from

The missing PAT/PMT and the missing PCR are however still an issue when
streaming to VLC. VLC won't accept a TS stream without these parts. Use PES
streaming instead.


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