Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
I don't yet know if this patch is the cause, but I have a setup I am working on 
which has a FusionHDTV7 dual express and after it
has been running for a few days, vdr seems to loose contact with the second 
tunner. When selecting other channels using vdradmin and
then going back to the channel it had been left on for awhile, I get the xine 
no signal screen. Switching to any other channel
works. Using femon I switch tunners while on the channel that no longer works 
and it starts working. I can go to any channel and
swith between the tunners and only get video on the first tunner. The problem 
may be triggered by recording but sure. The amount of
time to pass for it to show changes.

Using vdr-1.7.8

First I thought it was the driver crashing. So I tried restarting vdr, but not 
the drivers and that got the second tunner back.

Sounds similiar to my problem description posted here some time ago:


Nobody answered :(, so I am still using that getstream/iptv workaround.

Hoped this patch could help me, but had no opportunity to check for this yet.


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