> > Sep 15 08:37:36 video vdr: [17541] ERROR: cOsd::SetAreas returned 6
> Your OSD is running out of memory. The only cure is to shrink your 
> current OSD size.

Rolf, you know that this happens with the vdr default OSD size?

With my FF DVB-C (2 MB) and vdr 1.7.9 I have the following default values 
after deleting the setup.conf:
Left and Right 8%
Width 87%
Height 84%
To avoid the above mentioned error I reduced width and height to 82%. Then I 
got the femon OSD display, but with an other error:

Sep  8 20:26:27 ubuntuvdr vdr: [3668] ERROR: cFemonOsd::cFemonOsd() OSD height 
(461) smaller than required (480).

I increased the height to 84% and the error message disappeared. But now I got 
no display of the transponder and stream information - only the title. 

After setting width to 81% and height to 87% everything worked. 

Why is it not possible to show all femon OSD content with the vdr default OSD 
size? I don't remember that I had to change the OSD size with earlier 
vdr/plugin versions.

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